Musella Estate


Musella lies outside Verona: one of the most beautiful, historic and unique landmarks in the Veneto region. Long famous for its thriving viticulture, Musella with its 35 hectare vineyard site and cellar provides a splendid example of what may be achieved when passion and respect of the land are integrated. The family passion and history in wine making encourages the best from the ancient viticulture tradition of the area and allows the particular microclimate of Musella to be expressed. The dedication in the vineyards and the wine making choices made in the cellar successfully achieved the ambition goal of enhancing the typicality of the grape varieties of Verona.

Musella Relais

Musella is an historic estate where the thorough restoring of an ancient court has turned dwellings into particularly charming lodgings.
Musella Relais offers farm holidays as  B&B with its 11 rooms and 4 spacious and romantic flats equipped with every comfort, including the use of expansive internal and external areas and a small swimming pool surrounded by nature. Every detail has been taken care of in order to offer guests unforgettable times in touch with nature in a simple but refined environment.

Biodynamic Wine

What: balance, attentive respect for the natural evolution and progression of the plants that -once given the opportunity to develop their natural defences, with the support of a soil rich in its natural original bacteria- can express a harmony.
When: Musella’s goal is to patiently advance without compromising quality, respecting the wine , the customer and natural rhythm of the land.

This careful progressive strategy will provide an exceptional opportunity to future generation.



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